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16 Must-Know Moving Day Tips

1. Put your most-used items on the truck last This’ll make it easier to find things you absolutely need. They won’t get missed under loads of other boxes and they’ll seriously come in handy in the likely event that you’ll be too tired to get things organized on the day… Read More

The Sanity-Saving Moving Tip You Need to Know

  The Sanity-Saving Moving Tip You Need to Know If we had a quarter for everytime someone said that they’d be unpacked within a couple of days, but really fully unpacked weeks later, we’d be rich. Packing in and of itself is time-consuming and oftentimes stressful. When it comes to… Read More

4 Reasons to Use Plastic Moving Boxes

It's time to stop using cardboard boxes when moving. When you think of moving, what comes to mind? A lot of hard work? Loads of cardboard boxes? Typically, when people think of moving, nothing positive comes to mind until after the move occurs. But, if you hired movers, your entire… Read More

5 Things You Must Do Before You Move Into Your Dorm Room

This is the college advice you need to know before you move into your new dorm room. With these five important steps, you'll ensure that moving into your freshman dorm room is exciting, smooth and void of any major hiccups. Welcome to college! 1. Check with the School to See… Read More

9 Questions to Ask Professional Movers Before you Hire Them

Want to hire professional movers? Ask these 9 questions first! The thought of moving can seem daunting and overwhelming—especially if you’re like most people who have somehow accumulated so much stuff. It’s almost like you don’t notice exactly how many things you have until it’s time to move. Suddenly, there… Read More

Lights, Camera, Action!

Approximately 4 months ago, we received a personal message from a friend informing us about an opportunity they saw on Instagram. In this ad, a young lady by the name of Dana Chanel was giving 25 businesses the opportunity to promote their company on major household channels like OWN, BET,… Read More

8 Simple Ways To Be Prepared For Your Move

8 Simple moving tips that 'll make your next move the easiest ever!  1. Don't Forget About the Fridge  Defrost at least a day before. Then after you've thoroughly cleaned and dried the refrigerator, put a handful of fresh coffee, baking soda or charcoal in a sock or nylon stocking… Read More