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Montclair, NJ is a unique and diverse town in north jersey. Here, you’ll find a thriving small business scene, an appreciation for the arts and tons of top-rated local restaurants. You’ll also find the second largest university in the state Montclair University. Anyone who is new to the area is sure to love it. Hiring professional movers in Montclair will help you to get settled into your new home, apartment or dorm room with zero hassle and optimal ease.

Smart Price Moving is a great professional moving service for new or relocating Montclair residents.

We’re fast, prompt and friendly. Plus, we can service a last-minute Montclair move with ease. When you hire Smart Price Moving for your Montclair move, you’re guaranteed friendly, prompt, trustworthy moving services that are affordable, too. And in addition, you won’t have to worry about buying any moving supplies (like tape and boxes) because we provide our reusable moving boxes for free with each move. They hold more weight and stack and collapse for the easy transport. Learn about our smart price bins here.

While Montclair, NJ is largely residential, the parking rules for most streets are pretty stringent. Luckily, we specialize in city moving; where high-volume, high-traffic areas can prove to be tricky for other moving companies. For areas like this, it’s important to hire movers who know how to handle moving in a city or metropolitan area.

Contact us for your free quote by calling 862.253.4436 or requesting an online moving quote. What we quote is what you pay, so you don’t have to worry about any additional fees that you might incur with a larger national brand.

Professional Movers for Montclair Homeowners

Welcome to the Montclair neighborhood! Get settled in—hassle-free by hiring a reliable and meticulous moving company. For those moving into a new home, we recommend hiring professional packers and movers. This will make your home move extremely easy and seamless. When you hire professional packers and movers we’ll pack all of your belongings, and ensure that everything is properly packed away and labeled. We’ll load up the truck and place all of your items exactly where you’d like them and we’ll reassemble any large items like bed frames and dressers. Get more information on our professional packers and movers.

Montclair University Dorm Movers

Hiring college movers for Montclair University move-in day is the smart way to go! College dorm movers are perfect for new incoming freshmen, transfer students relocating from another New Jersey college or university and recent college grads moving into their first apartments. Our experienced professional dorm movers will move you out of your old dorm and into your new one in a flash. For you, there will be no heavy lifting, no dragging things up and down the stairs. You can leave that to us. Learn more about our dorm movers here.

Montclair Apartment Movers

Great apartment movers are fast, prompt and friendly. We’re all of the above. When it comes to apartment moving, we get things done quickly and efficiently and with affordable pricing, too. If you dread moving day, we’re the perfect company for you. No need to devote an entire day to move your apartment. We’ll get you in and out in no time. Plus, we use our Smart Bins (reusable moving boxes) so you won’t even have to assemble any cardboard boxes. They’re free with your move and ultra convenient—and sustainable, too.

Montclair, check out some of our moving reviews:

As a small business, integrity, honesty, and our customers’ satisfaction is paramount to us. Feel free to check out some of our latest reviews on our Smart Price Moving Customer Reviews Page.

Montclair Office Movers

Relocating your business to Montclair, NJ? You’ll need to hir professional packers and movers for such an important job! Luckily, Smart Price Moving has you covered. We have experience moving small and medium-sized businesses and do it all courteously while staying fast and efficient. Your employees will only need to pack up their desks into our reusable plastic bins (which are sturdy and require no tape) and then we will pick them up and place them in your new location. ONce your office is done unpacking we will come pick up our bins. It’s as simple as that!

Smart Price Plastic Moving Bins

Free with your Montclair, NJ move! Our plastic bins are stronger than traditional cardboard boxes and tape. They require no building and stack nicely for easy transport. They’re also sustainable because they can be used hundreds of time. Cut the waste! Smart Price Bins are just another reason why you should choose Smart Price Moving. Not moving with us, but would like to use our Smart Price Bins? View our reusable plastic moving boxes rental prices here.

Montclair Movers Rates

Get your quote for Montclair NJ move today! Remember, we never add any hidden fees. What we quote is what you’ll pay.