Smart Moving Bins: Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

Smart Moving Bins are plastic reusable moving boxes that eliminate wasteful cardboard boxes and tape. They can handle more weight than regular cardboard boxes and require no extra building—and, since they are reusable, our sturdy moving bins are eco-friendly too. When you use our smart moving bins your move is easier, packing takes less time and you’ll produce less waste. When you move with Smart Price Moving we offer these reusable moving bins free of charge. Still, if you prefer to do the moving yourself, you can also rent reusable moving bins.

Reusable Moving Bins Save Time

Building cardboard boxes can take 2-3 hours when preparing for a large move. They also require tape and other supplies. With smart moving bins, you can just fill them up and close the lids. You do not have to waste time breaking down our boxes neither do you need tape. No storage, no disposal. Our empty smart moving bins conveniently stack when empty and are easy to move when on a rolling dolly. We’ll also pick up the moving bins when you’re finished—whether you rent our smart bins or receive them for free for moving with us.

Reusable Boxes Save Money!

Our Smart Moving Bins are free when you move with us. If you choose our professional packers and movers to relocate your home, apartment or office space you’ll receive as many smart moving bins as you’ll need for free. If you’re moving on your own, smart moving bins are still a great money saving option. Our rental packages start at $75 and are packaged to cater to your specific moving needs. Don’t spend money buying annoying cardboard boxes that has a weight limit before it starts crumbling. There are no disposal or storage fees and we’ll deliver the smart bins and pick them up too!

Plastic Moving Boxes Save Trees

Did you know that cardboard that is not recycled makes up almost 10% of all urban landfills? Because of this reusable bins are a great earth-friendly alternative choice. Our sturdy plastic boxes can be reused over 100 times versus 2 or 3 uses with ordinary cardboard boxes. Astonishingly, Americans can save 122 million trees each year if they were to use reusable plastic moving bins instead of new cardboard boxes for each of their residential and commercial moves.

Next Steps…

Gearing up for a move? Contact our customer service or get your free moving quote online. Looking to move on your own? Learn more about how to rent our reusable moving bins and get ready to ease the stress of moving today.