It’s time to stop using cardboard boxes when moving.

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When you think of moving, what comes to mind? A lot of hard work? Loads of cardboard boxes? Typically, when people think of moving, nothing positive comes to mind until after the move occurs. But, if you hired movers, your entire outlook would change. In fact, we suspect you’d wonder why you haven’t hired professional movers in the past. Professional movers are surprisingly affordable and a huge help when moving into a new home. Still, many moving companies are plagued with one not-so-convenient supply: cardboard boxes.

Reusable Plastic Moving Boxes

Rent Them or Get Them for Free When you Move With Us

Oftentimes, professional moving services will require clients to use (and sometimes provide their own) moving supplies like cardboard boxes and tape. That’s just inefficient and wasteful. It’s why we use Smart Moving Bins, which are our reusable plastic moving boxes. They’re a huge asset to our team because they make moving so much easier (yes, easier!) for our clients and professional packers and movers. Here are four reasons why plastic reusable moving boxes are so much better than cardboard boxes.

1. Plastic Moving Boxes are Sturdier and Require No Additional Supplies

Unlike when you move with cardboard boxes, you won’t have to worry about moving on a rainy day with plastic moving bins. They’re water resistant and close tightly. You also don’t need to worry about buying additional moving supplies. These reusable moving boxes require no additional building and tape is not required.

2. Plastic Moving Boxes Stack Easily

When stacked on a rolling dolly, moving instantly becomes so much easier. You can stack the Smart Moving Bins high on top of each other and eliminate additional trips back and forth from the moving truck. They also nest neatly into each other when empty. This saves space for when you are finished with your move. (When you rent our reusable moving bins we pick them up for you.)

3. They Produce Less Waste, Making Them Eco-Friendly

Because our plastic moving boxes can be reused 100s of times, our company and our customers produce far less waste than traditional movers and moving methods. Using our Smart Price Moving Bins are far more sustainable, especially when most cardboard boxes don’t end up in the recycling bin either.

4. Get FREE Plastic Moving Boxes from a Top-rated Local Moving Company

When you move with us, you will automatically enjoy the benefits of our reusable plastic boxes. Check out our local moving company services then get a moving quote. We are ready to service all types of movers and have rave reviews.

Bonus: You can Rent our Plastic Reusable Moving Boxes, too. We Deliver!

Renting reusable plastic moving boxes is easier and cheaper than buying traditional supplies. Check our Smart Price Moving Bins rental packages.

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