Approximately 4 months ago, we received a personal message from a friend informing us about an opportunity they saw on Instagram. In this ad, a young lady by the name of Dana Chanel was giving 25 businesses the opportunity to promote their company on major household channels like OWN, BET, MTV, FOX, for a small fee. With much consideration, our team decided that this will be a great opportunity for us to capitalize on. We then gave the company a call, got our contract and began planning. Planning Planning Planning! From jingles to voice training to studio time, was all a part of the planning process to ensure that this commercial was done in excellence. Not fully knowing what to expect on the day of the taping, the entire team came together with possible written scripts and ideas to execute the commercial. Our sole intention was to present to the world a moving company of integrity, excellence, and reliability.  This opportunity presented to us was one that had the ability to promote our Company nationwide and create an influx of potential clients for us… The day was finally here!!!! Excitement, nervousness and great enthusiasm, was the language written all over our faces. The day was finally here. We arrived in Toms River NJ at 9 am, where we met the producing crew and 24 other business owners from throughout the U.S. We all sat around the table networking, sharing business cards and experiencing all the greatness that was gathered in one room. Finally, we were called into the studio to begin the recording.


We introduced ourselves and the company and were then prompted with different script ideas that they believed were best suited for us. We have never done this before, so we took all their advice and suggestions and executed it. After several re-takes, it was done!

SmartPrice_Moving_Sprinkle_Of_Jesus_Crew_Commercial 2

We nailed it!!! What an experience this was for us… we now look forward to the commercial being aired and the business opportunities that will accompany it. If you see our commercial be sure to let us know what you think!

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