Want to hire professional movers? Ask these 9 questions first!

The thought of moving can seem daunting and overwhelming—especially if you’re like most people who have somehow accumulated so much stuff. It’s almost like you don’t notice exactly how many things you have until it’s time to move. Suddenly, there are so many dishes, clothing, small and large appliances and furniture to move. Hiring professional movers provides so many benefits (like saving you time—and maintaining your sanity!), but you’ll have to ask the right questions in order to get the best movers for your residential, office or long distance move. Here are 6 must-ask questions for when you want to hire professional packers and movers like Smart Price Moving.

  1. Is the moving company insured?

This should always be your first question. It’s imperative because it will ensure that if there is any damage to your belongings then you can be compensated. You also won’t be held liable for something that happened on the movers watch. While an uninsured company might pay for damages an insured moving company, like Smart Price Moving, will have a more clear and straightforward claims process.  

  1. What is your rate for movers?

This is a no-brainer, but we had to add it to the list. The key here is to give the moving company as much information as possible so that your rate can be as accurate as possible. For example, 1 bedroom apartments come in very different shapes and sizes. Is your apartment small and sparsely decorated or spacious with lots of large furniture?

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  1. Are there any truck or travel fees?

Many moving companies will quote a rate and then tack on additional feels like distance rates and truck rental rates. This is what makes Smart Price Moving stand out. We offer professional moving services at one affordable rate. No hidden fees, of any kind, ever.

  1. Do you offer white glove moving services (professional packers and movers)?

If moving is just something you want nothing to do with, a white glove moving service is the perfect fit for you. With white glove moving services, you don’t lift a finger. Professional packers come in and pack all of your belongings securely and safely and then they move them to your new location. If this is the type of service you would like, be sure to ask your prospective moving company if they offer professional packers and movers. Luckily, Smart Price Moving would be happy to service your white glove moving needs.

  1. Are packing materials provided?

Moving companies may or may not provide moving materials, so this is an important question to ask. While most companies provide traditional materials (tapes and boxes), Smart Price Moving provides a greener alternative—Smart Bins. They’re sturdier, reusable and you can forget wasteful tape and boxes. Learn more about Smart Bins and how you can rent these reusable moving boxes even if you aren’t going to hire movers.

  1. Do you have any referrals or moving company reviews?

Review sites like GoogleFacebookYelpBetter Business Bureau and more are great ways to not only find first-hand reviews but also to see if there are any major red flags or complaints. You can also ask to talk to a referral. This is a great way to get true insights into how the company handles packing, moving, timeliness and customer service. Smart Price Moving gets five stars in all four categories.

  1. Do you have any social media pages?

Checking out a moving company’s Facebook or Instagram profile can be a great insight into what the company’s core values are. Plus, you can gain an insider’s view of the company and those who work for them too. This is a great way to alleviate any worries or concerns. Check out the Smart Price Moving Facebook page

  1. Do you accommodate last minute moves?

If you’re moving in a very short amount of time, it’s important to ask the moving company whether or not they can accommodate and if there are any additional related fees. Smart Price Moving is happy to service small, large and last minute moves.

  1. Do you service long distance moves?

If you’re moving out of the state or cross country it is important to ensure that the professional movers can handle such a move. You’ll also need to ask whether or not they have cross-state insurance to safely and securely handle your move. Smart Price Moving is happy to accommodate long distance moves to assist you in your needs.

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